The Doctrine of The Trinity

The Trinity is one of the most controversial and misunderstood doctrines of the Christian faith. It is controversial due to many opponents of it stating that the word or phrase ‘Trinity’ is never mentioned in the Bible. This is true, the word ‘Trinity is not mentioned, however, the doctrine of the Trinity is. If you wanted to speak of the doctrine of Justification you would most probably go to Romans 3:21-31 and Romans 4 to discuss and show that particular doctrine, but the subject of the Trinity is not in one place, it is fragmented throughout the Bible. The Trinity is misunderstood because many people struggle to understand the concept of three persons (known as the economical aspect of the trinity) and one God (known as the ontological aspect of the trinity).They use analogies and examples that actually give a false representation of the Trinity.


Below you will find the teaching sessions we carried out on the Trinity, which we feel will help you come to understand this doctrine, more truly. It is important to state that you wont come to understand the doctrine of the Trinity fully, that is not possible, because to do so would mean you are God. But also the doctrine of the Trinity is to be a mystery beyond the comprehension of man.

The doctrine of the Trinity is progressively revealed in scripture and we praise and thank the Lord God for revealing Himself to us, enabling those who believe in Him, His son the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, to grow in faith and true worship of the Godhead.