God’s Providence

Like the term Trinity, providence is not found in scripture. Again also like the Trinity you cant go to one section of verse like you can on justification to understand his providence, you have to look all through scripture to see his providence.

The word providence relates to God’s relationship with creation and it is through studying that, His relationship with creation, that we will get a better understanding of the sovereignty and majesty of God


How can it be defined?

We can define God’s providence as such: God is continuously involved with all created things in a way that keeps creation existing and maintaining the properties with which he created them. He also cooperates with all created things in every action, directing their individual properties to cause them to act the way they do and he does so to fulfil his purposes.

Now this generates some major questions, none more so that – if God controls all things, how can our actions have real meaning? Well in the teachings below we will answer that question and a lot more, so feel free to listen as we discuss the providence of God in:

  • Preservation
  • Concurrence
  • Our Daily Lives
  • His Relationship With Evil