Paul’s first letter to the Church at Corinth1st corinthians study guide - LHBC Hythe Kent Church

The program is laid out in the form of 72 individual studies across the 16 chapters of Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians.

The first study is outlined as an introduction to the letter and is designed as a didactic presentation of  approximately 50 minutes in length.

The remaining studies are all divided covering varying lengths of Scripture so that on average each study is planned to last for between half and three quarters of an hour depending on the level of group interaction and involvement.

Once you add a time of worship to open, discussion time on the subject matter, and a time of prayer to close, each whole session is designed to last approximately one and a half hours.

You will see that there is a certain amount of overlap where a particular study is too complex for an individual session and so certain elements are repeated in the following study in order to ensure continuity.

You will also discover that there are a few sessions that are more complex but can be handled within the planned time frame if presented in a more didactic form rather than as an interactive discussion.

The Bible translation used in the texts quoted is the ESV.I have tried to ensure that where I have quoted commentators that the identity of that commentator is acknowledged at the commencement of the quotation and in most cases that is presented in an alternative colour type print.

I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time in this most excellent and challenging book of the Bible – a book that gives us, in the church age, such clear teaching relating to how we should conduct both our own lives and our church life in this generation and how to guard against so many pitfalls that are set to make us stumble.

This book in particular, is one that shows us how errors and misunderstandings can arise in our practices and traditions and the risks involved in the temptation ever present temptation to “marry the culture” – a temptation that we must avoid – and equally we must avoid the temptation to make the habits and misunderstandings of the Corinthian church our mantra, remembering that Paul’s letter is not one of commendation but rather it is one of correction for the errors that had crept into the church.

Happy studying.

Alan Clark


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