At Living Hope it is our aim to provide quality biblical teaching on different subject matters that Christians, whether new believers or established in the faith, commonly ask about, to help them with their walk with Christ.


This series called ‘A Sunday Morning Conversation’  is based on the questions raised in The Westminster Catechism. In this series one of the Church’s Pastors, Nathan Tarrant, talks with the children of the church about various topics, such as: What is adoption? How is Christ a priest?,What are the ten commandments? and so on. These conversations occurred in the Sunday service, prior to the main sermon. They are informal and as you will discover when you listen, very insightful and really help make understanding the bible and theological topics, easier to understand. As a result of these conversations, a number of the adults have commented on how they have greatly helped them with their bible study, understand God better and improve their relationship and walk with Christ. These conversations are not just for children. You may not have kids, you may be a new believer in the faith, or you want to do your own bible study, you can listen to these conversations as well. All the conversations are below. Simply click on the link you want to hear, sit back and enjoy the ‘Sunday morning conversation’ about…  
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