The Importance & Power of Prayer

In this 12 session series, we look at the importance of prayer and the power it can have in our lives. As the disciples asked the Lord Jesus to teach them to pray (found in Luke 11), we have used the Lords prayer as our outline to understand how to pray. The Lords prayer is not there for repetitive prayer, but as a guide to help us cover the subjects and issues that are important to God when we pray to Him.

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Session 1

 What is Prayer & Why Is It Important That We Pray?

Session 2

 How Does God Direct Us To Conduct Our Prayers?

Session 3

 The Beginning of The Lords Prayer Teach Us What?

Session 4

What Do We Pray In The First Request Of The Lords Prayer – Hallowed Be Your Name?

Session 5

What Do We Pray in The Second Request of The Lords Prayer – Your Kingdom Come?

Session 6

What Does It Mean To Pray’Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven’?

Session 7

What Does It Mean When We Pray ‘ Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread’?

Session 8

What Are We Praying When We Say ‘Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Others’?

Session 9

What Do We Ask For When We Pray ‘Lead Us Not In Temptation’?

Session 10

What Does The Conclusion of The Lords Prayer Teach In Helping Us Pray?

Session 11

The Importance of Prayer – A Final Look In To Why We Must Pray

Session 12

Pray And Fasting – How Fasting Can Be An Integral Part To Praying