True Christian Matthew 5-7 series

True Christian

The word ‘Christian’ gets used a lot by people to describe their belief and faith, and it gets used by people to describe church goers. But it is a phrase that is becoming loosely used and the true meaning of being a Christian has got lost. In this series, we address what a True Christian is, why that is important and why anyone claiming to be a Christian, makes sure they are a True Christian. To get the definition of a True Christian we are looking at the words of Jesus Christ himself, in his sermon on the mount in Matthew 5-7.

How To Find A Sermon

Below you will see all the sermons in this series, with the latest one being the large one to the left. Simply click on the image to be take to that sermon. alternatively if you want to listen to a sermon on a particular section of verses within a chapter, simply select the chapter you want by clicking on it on the right and all the sermons in that chapter will appear for you to chose the one you want.