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Romans 8:31 God is for you

Romans 8:31 God is for you From Romans 8:31 to the end of the chapter we read some strong encouraging words of the love of God for those whom are saved as the Apostle Paul explains exactly how the LORD God is for us, what He has done in not holding back the pouring out His love on us, and how it all provides us with the great security that there is nothing nor no one we should fear.

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Romans 8:30 Will You Be Glorified?

Will You Be Glorified? – In the final link in the golden chain of salvation found in Romans 8:30 the Apostle Paul talks about being glorified. Glorification refers to the final salvation of a person. Salvation starts with foreknowledge and ends with glorification, however glorification and being glorified is not a future event, it is a present occurrence, so therefore, the question for us all is, will we be glorified through our glorifying now?


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Romans 8:30 Have You Been Called?

Have You Been Called? – In Romans 8:30 Paul tells us that those whom God foreknew and predestined He also called. Because salvation is 100% all of God’s doing, and he does it for His sake, how can you be certain that He has called you? Listen as the evidences of your calling are explained.


The Sovereignty of God and Sin

Romans 8:29 The Sovereignty of God in Salvation

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation – the declaration that God is sovereign is often made, but when it comes to salvation, there are many who are not prepared to accept God’s sovereignty in it. In this sermon the subject of God’s sovereignty in salvation is addressed, that it is God and God alone who chooses who is saved. This raises a further question. Does that mean then that God also chooses whom to send to judgement and destruction?  Listen as that question and more are answered in this message.


The Sovereignty of God and Sin

Romans 8:29 The Sovereignty of God and Sin

The Sovereignty of God and Sin – When we talk about the sovereignty of God how best can we describe it? The sovereignty of God is His absolute and independent right to do with all He has created, including mankind, as He wills, according to His good pleasure. And that includes allowing sin to enter the world. But why did God allow sin to enter the world? Listen as we explain from scripture the picture that God has given us as to why sin was not only allowed to enter creation, but it was a good decision.


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Romans 8:29 – What It Means To be Predestined

What It Means To be Predestined – In Romans 8:29 Paul talks about the process of salvation, which is commonly referred to as the ‘golden chain’. In this verse he starts off by telling us that those whom God has foreknown, he has also predestined. In the previous sermon we talked about what it means to be foreknown by God, but what does it mean to be predestined? Listen to the sermon as the full meaning of predestined is explained.


Romans 8:29 – What It Means That God Foreknew The Elect

Romans 8:29 – What It Means That God Foreknew The Elect – In Romans 8:29-30 Paul describes the process of salvation, which is often referred to as the golden chain. The first link of this chain is that God foreknew those whom he predestined, called, justified and glorifies. But what does it mean for God to foreknow someone? Many have come to understand it means God looked down through time and saw all those whom would choose to come to His son by their own free will and He therefore predestined, called, justified and glorifies them. Listen as it is explained in detail what the term foreknew actually means.