Gospel Message Mark 4

Christ Calms The Storm – Mark 4:35-41

Christ Calms The Storm – In Mark 4:35-41 we have the event of Christ calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Nathan Tarrant takes an in-depth look at this event and explains the significance of the storm and the disciples reaction to it, and explains how it relates to the man’s response to the holiness of Christ.


the golden calf exodus 32

Exodus 32:1-29 The Golden Calf

The Golden Calf – In this lesson from the wilderness, Alan Clark looks at the incident of the Golden Calf, and explains the casual attitude of Israel to worshipping God, is very much evident today within much of the Church.


Romans 12:12 rejoice in hope

Romans 12:12 Rejoice In Hope

Rejoice In Hope – Every day we hope for things to be better in and around our lives; from hoping the weather improves, to hoping a meeting goes well, or hoping someone will enjoy a gift we buy them. Paul tells us in Romans 12:12 to rejoice in hope, so is he telling us to rejoice in our wishful desires? No. Nathan Tarrant explains what it means to rejoice in hope, the hope of the glory of God, and how doing so has a huge impact on our lives.

Romans 12:10 be diligent in your walk

Romans 12:11 Be Diligent In Your Walk

Be Diligent In Your Walk – In Romans 12:11 the Apostle Paul begins to tell us the attributes of a true Christian. The first being that they are diligent in their walk, by not being slothful in their zeal. Nathan Tarrant explains what this means for us, and what we are to do exactly to be diligent in our walk as followers of Christ.

Romans 12:9 banner - abhor evil

Romans 12:9 -What It Means To Abhor Evil & Cling To What Is Good

What It Means To Abhor Evil & Cling To What Is Good – In this final sermon on Romans 12:9, Nathan Tarrant explains in detail what it means exactly to abhor evil. He explains for us what the word of God means by evil, something many do not grasp. To truly love God is to abhor what is truly evil, question is, if you are a Christian, are you prepared to abhor what the word says is evil, but the world says is OK?


Psalm 119 – Make Your Face Shine Upon Me

Make Your Face Shine Upon Me – Alan Clark looks at a particular section of verses in Psalm 119, and asks us the simple question, do we feel the same way as the Psalmist does about God and His word?


ROmans 12:9 banner where our love must start

Romans 12:9 Where Our Love Must Start

Where Our Love Must Start – As Christians we are commanded to love others, and we love because God first loved us. However, there is one aspect of this truth that gets either over looked, or ignored. All our love and goodwill to others is absolutely worthless if we do not start in the right place. Continuing our look at Romans 12:9 Nathan Tarrant explains from scripture where our love must start and why it is vital it starts in that place, if it is to be genuine and we are to know we are truly saved.


Romans 12.9 banner - let live be genuine

Romans 12:9 How To Let Love Be Genuine

How To Let Love Be Genuine – In Romans 12:9 Paul tells us to let love be genuine. Nathan Tarrant explains exactly what this love is and then shows us from scripture how we are to let our love be genuine, through the only example we need, the Lord Jesus Christ.


gospel message

Psalm 32 Blessed are the Forgiven

Blessed are the Forgiven – In this gospel message, Nathan Tarrant looks at Psalm 32 and what it means to have the joy of being forgiven, of having your sins covered.


Exodus 14 banner

Exodus 14 Be At Peace, Trust And Follow

Be At Peace, Trust And Follow – In this lesson from the wilderness, Alan Clark looks at the nation of Israel at the Red sea in Exodus 14 and explains how we can learn valuable lessons from how they had to trust God.