Christ in the Old testament Genesis 11

The Call Of Abram Genesis 11

The Call of Abram – In this sermon from the series on Christ in the Old Testament, Alan Clark looks at the call of Abram, and the Abrahamic Covenant and the promise of the seed, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.


the flood - Christ in the old testament Genesis 6

The Flood Genesis 6-8

The Flood – In this the third sermon from our series, Christ in the Old Testament, Alan Clark looks at how both Noah and the Ark were foreshadows of the Messiah to come.


Christ in the Old Testament - Genesis 3

Genesis 3 The Victor And The Victory

The Victor And The Victory – In this second sermon from our series Christ in The Old Testament, Alan Clark looks at Genesis 3 and sin entering into the world, which meant the announcement of the victor and victory over sin, the Messiah.


Romans 15:3 banner

Romans 15 v 3-4 The Gentleness of Christ

The Gentleness of Christ – Looking at Romans 15:3-4 Nathan Tarrant explains how the gentleness of Christ is played out within our lives, if we come to him. This is seen in the prophecy of Isiah 42:3, which we see carried out in Matthew 12; a bruised reed he will not break.

Romans 15 v 1-3 Being The Example Of Christ

Being The Example Of Christ – In Romans 15:1-3 Paul speaks further about the strong having an obligation to carry the weak at times, because after all, that is exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ does with everyone of those whom he saves.

doctrines of grace - unconditional election

The Doctrines of Grace – Unconditional Election

In this teaching on the doctrines of grace, Nathan Tarrant looks at the subject of unconditional election, and shows us from the gospel of John how the Lord Jesus Christ taught the doctrine on many occasions.One of them being his example of the good shepherd and his sheep hearing his voice.


The Image Of The Invisible God

Christ In The Old Testament –  Alan Clark begins a look into the Old Testament to show us Christ within the scriptures. In this the first of a new series, he starts by explaining how Christ is the image of the Invisible God, by connecting Genesis 1:1-3 with John 1:1-14

Romans 14v13-23 Edification banner

Romans 14 v 13-23 The Importance of Edification

The Importance of Edification As we conclude our look at Romans 14, Nathan Tarrant looks at Romans 14:13-23 and explains the importance of edification within the body of Christ, and within ourselves personally. To not seek to edify one another, will only lead to division and separation within the body of Christ.


Romans 14:5-12

Romans 14 v 5-12 Why You Dont Judge Others

Why You Dont Judge Others – In Romans 14 v 5-12 The Apostle Paul explains why we do not judge others, who have different opinions to us over various things. It is because everything lays at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Lord of everything, of the dead as well as the living. Nathan Tarrant explains how that plays out in the life of the Christian.

Romans 14:1-14 banner

Romans 14 v 1-4 Do Not Pass Judgement On Others

Do Not Pass Judgement On Others – Nathan Tarrant takes us through Romans 14 v 1-4 and explains how these verse are relevant to today. All too often in the church today, people are insisting on things being done their way; from suit wearing to worship style, it is all legalism and has no place in the Church.