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Romans 12:9 – Let Your Love Be Genuine

Let Your Love Be Genuine – In Romans 12:9 the Apostle Paul beings to outline the marks of a true Christian by explaining that it starts with a love that is genuine. Nathan Tarrant explains what that means, along with asking the question of us all, do we show this genuine love to everyone, as commanded, or do we show apathy?


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Romans 12:5-8 Discovering Your Gifts

Discovering Your Gifts – In this last sermon on the gifts of grace, Nathan Tarrant looks at Romans 12:5-8 and clarifies the gifts that are relevant today, and explains how you can discover your gifts, for the glory of God, through Christ.


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Romans 12:3-8 You Have Been Given A Gift For A Purpose

You Have Been Given A Gift For A Purpose – Many within reformed theology play down the gifts of the Spirit, primarily due to them being abused by other factions of Christianity. However, the Apostle Paul clearly explains that we have all been given gifts for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. Nathan Tarrant explains we therefore should not ignore the gifts, but embrace them for the glory of Christ.


gospel message

Gospel Sermon Luke 18

In This Gospel message, Alan Clark shows us the example of the rich young ruler, who thought he had done everything needed to gain salvation, yet Jesus Christ showed him the truth.


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Romans 12:3-5 The Importance of Having Humility And Unity Within The Church

The Importance of Having Humility And Unity Within The Church – In Romans 12:3-5 Paul starts to address the gifts of grace within the Church, and begins by addressing the importance of everyone being humble and working in unity with each other, for the lifting up of the body of Christ, which is of course, the Church.


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Romans 12:2 How To Know The Will Of God For You

How To Know The Will Of God For You –  In Romans 12:2 the Apostle Paul tells us that through the renewing of our minds, we we by testing may discern what is the will of God. Are you a Christian who asks or wonders, what is the will of God for you? Nathan Tarrant clarifies exactly what the will of God is for you, so you no longer need to wonder.


Romans 12:2 The Renewing Of Your Mind

The Renewing Of Your Mind – The Apostle Paul tells us that as part of our sanctification we are to be transformed by the renewing, or restoring, of our mind. Nathan Tarrant outlines for us exactly what Paul means by the fact we are to restore our minds, and to what point we are to restore them, and why this is so important for a Christian.


the importance of sanctification

Romans 12:2 The Importance of Sanctification

The Importance of Sanctification – Continuing our look at Romans 12:2, Nathan Tarrant explains the importance of sanctification and how it is one of the 3 things that must be evidenced within a person for them to be saved. While we are saved by faith alone, sanctification is the evidence of that saving faith. As JC Ryle said, without sanctification there can be no salvation. Listen as the importance of sanctification is explained.

gospel message

Gospel Message Mark 10:46-52

Gospel Message Mark 10:46-52 – In this message from Mark 10, Nathan Tarrant looks at the example of the blind man who called out to the son of David all the more, for mercy, and asks us, are we aware that the Messiah stands before us and are we prepared to call out to him also?


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Numbers 20:1-13 The Waters Of Meribah

The Waters Of Meribah – From this lesson from the wilderness, Alan Clark not only explains the events at Meribah due to the thirst of the nation of Israel, he also asks us what is our response to our spiritual thirst?