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Romans 9:17-18 God Will Harden Whomever He Chooses

God Will Harden Whomever He Chooses – In Romans 9:17-18 Paul tells us as a follow on to God will have mercy on whomever He chooses, that He will harden whomever he chooses. This again confirms the freedom that God has to do whatever He wants for the glorifying of His name. Nathan Tarrant also explains in detail the various ways in which God hardens a person’s heart, the reasons why He does so and also why God can and does harden hearts to lead a person to repentance.


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Romans 9:14-16 God Will Show Mercy To Whomever He Chooses

God Will Show Mercy To Whomever He Chooses – One of the difficulties many people have with the true gospel is the fact that they struggle to accept that God doesn’t treat everyone the same, and in fact He chooses to show mercy on whomever He wants. But why does God even show mercy in the first place? After all isn’t He sovereign in all things and therefore solely responsible for the way things are in the world? Listen to the sermon below, to find out the answers.

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Romans 9:10-13 All Mankind Is Not Treated The Same By God

All Mankind Is Not Treated The Same By God – in Romans 9:10-13 Paul explains that God loved Jacob and hated Esau, but what does that mean exactly, for us and the rest of mankind? We answer that question along with does man have free choice if God is solely responsible for salvation?


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Romans 9:10-13 The Freedom of God in Salvation

The Freedom of God in Salvation – In Romans 9:10-13 we have the Apostle Paul give clear statements concerning the freedom of God in salvation. Nathan Tarrant explains that while election is not the means of salvation, election is simply the means in which God sets people apart for salvation, it is also the means in which God carries out everything He does.


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Romans 9:6-9 Why People Reject Christ

Why People Reject Christ – In Romans 9:6-9 The Apostle Paul begins his explanation as to why the Israelite’s were wrong to think that just because they were from the seed of Abraham they were automatically saved. Nathan Tarrant explains how & why God used Isaac as the promise of salvation and not Ishmael, and how it relates to us today.


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Romans 9:4-5 Understanding Paul’s Grief

Understanding Paul’s Grief – In Romans 9:4-5 we see the Apostle Paul outline what the people of Israel had received from God directly that no other group of people had received, and yet despite all that they had received, Paul is greatly grieved and full of sorrow. Why? Listen as Pastor Nathan Tarrant explains why it is important for us to understand Paul’s grief and how it relates to us today.


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Romans 9:1-3 Grieving For The Lost

Grieving For The Lost –  As we begin a new chapter in Romans, we see in Romans 9:1-3 how the Apostle Paul grieves with a sorrowful and unceasing pain for his fellow kinsmen who are not saved, who are in fact accursed. Listen as we explain how Paul’s attitude relates to us and how we too should grieve for our accursed kinsmen.


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Romans 8:35-39 Nothing Can Separate You From Christ

Nothing Can Separate You From Christ – In Romans 8:35-39 The Apostle Paul explains not only the truth that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, but also why that is the case. When we come to understand this marvelous truth, our love and worship for Him should rightfully expand.

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Romans 8:33-34 There Is No One To Accuse Or Condemn You

In Romans 8:33-34 the Apostle Paul explains that there is no one who can accuse or condemn you, if you have been saved by God, because of what Christ has done for you. We have this great assurance that enables us to live without fear, for Christ, because God is truly for us.


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Romans 8:31 God is for you

Romans 8:31 God is for you From Romans 8:31 to the end of the chapter we read some strong encouraging words of the love of God for those whom are saved as the Apostle Paul explains exactly how the LORD God is for us, what He has done in not holding back the pouring out His love on us, and how it all provides us with the great security that there is nothing nor no one we should fear.