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Romans 7:13-25 The Ongoing Battle of Sin

The Ongoing Battle of Sin: In Romans 7:13-25 we see the Apostle Paul explain in detail the battle of ongoing sin that every true Christian will have. But why is this the case? It is for the purpose of our sanctification, for it is only through evidence of holy sanctification that we have true assurance of salvation. Listen as Pastor Nathan explains how it all works for the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

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Romans 7:10-12 – Freed From The Deception of Sin

Freed From The Deception of Sin – In Romans 7:10-12 the Apostle Paul talks about how sin seized an opportunity to deceive him. Listen as we look at how sin deceives us in to thinking certain things that are wrong concerning our walk and the assurance of our salvation, something we need to be on guard over constantly.


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Romans 7:7-9 – Freed From The Power of Sin

Freed From The Power of Sin – In Romans 7:7-9 the Apostle Paul talks quite descriptively about the relationship he had with the law before his conversion and how subsequently after it, he understood the law further, which then exposed sin in him, his sin came alive. Listen as pastor Nathan Tarrant explains how when we are justified by faith we are freed from the power of sin and in that happening we should respond in four major ways, each one leading to the next.


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Romans 7:1-6 Released From The Law To Be Joined To Another

Released From The Law To Be Joined To Another: In Romans 7:1-6 Paul explains how we are released from the law, actually dead to the law, and the purpose was so that we could be joined to Christ, married to Christ. The whole purpose of our salvation by Christ and our union to Him was so that we would produce fruit for God.