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Romans 5:18-21 New Life in Christ Part 2

New Life in Christ Part 2: Looking at Romans 5:18-21 we see how it is no longer sin that reigns in us if we have been justified by faith, but it is grace that reigns through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The benefits of that are massive and we take a look at what that actually means to those who are truly in Christ.

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Romans 5:12-21 New Life in Christ

New Life in Christ: In Romans 5:12-21 Paul talks compares the life we have in Adam which is sin and death, and the life we have in Christ if we have been justified, which is justification and life. But as always with the Apostle, it is so much more than that, and we take a look at the abundance of grace we have in the new life in Christ if we are saved.

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Romans 5:6-11 The Love of God Shown Through The Death of Christ

The Love of God Shown Through The Death of Christ – In Romans 5:6-11 Paul explains how God shows His love, through the death of Christ. It is through the death of Christ that a believer is justified and if justified, a believer has escaped the wrath to come, because through justification they have had their day of judgement. There can be no greater love shown than that.

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Romans 5:3-5 We Rejoice in Our Suffering

We Rejoice in Our Suffering – In Romans 5:3-5 the Apostle Paul tells us of the need to rejoice in our suffering, but he tells us why we should. Being able to rejoice in suffering is an assurance of salvation because it is through suffering we are being made more like Christ.

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Romans 5:2 Our Introduction To Grace

Our Introduction To Grace: In Romans 5:2 Paul explains that if justified by faith we are introduced to the full grace of God.This therefore implies that before salvation we were not in the full grace and love of God. In fact we need to understand the extreme difference in relationship that God has with the redeemed compared to the un-redeemed.

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Romans 5:1 Security of Salvation – Peace With God

Security of Salvation – Peace With God – When a person has been justified, what are the blessing and benefits that person now receives? The Apostle Paul explains starting in Romans 5:1 that the very first thing we have once we are justified, is peace with God. Is there any greater blessing we could obtain, than to be at peace with God?