How we are saved Romans 3:21-24

Romans 3:21-24 How We Are Saved

How We Are Saved: As we look at the wonderful doctrine of Justification in Romans 3:21-24 we examine how exactly a person is justified, receives salvation. Many Churches make claims as to how salvation occurs, and many people profess they have been saved, but are these claims inline with what scripture states? If you are a Christian, how do you claim you were saved? is it the same as what scripture teaches? Listen now to find out.

Romans 3:21-31 Justification banner

Romans 3:21-31 An Introduction To The Doctrine of Justification

An Introduction To The Doctrine of JustificationWhat is justification and how does it apply to Christians? As we begin to look at Romans 3:21-31, Nathan Tarrant explains the doctrine of justification by looking at aspects of it that you may have never considered before, and he actually gets you thinking, especially about how you view your relationship with Christ.

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Romans 3:18 There is no fear of God

There is no fear of God – As we look at Romans 3:18 we explain what it means that man does not have fear for God. Why is it important that we do fear God? But how do we fear Him? Listen as we explain why and how we are to fear the Lord God.

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Romans 3:9-20 No One is Righteous Part 1

No One is Righteous – The Apostle Paul in Romans 3:9-20 tells us that no one is righteous no not one, and then he explains in graphic detail why that is the case. Why does the apostle Paul explain so graphically that we are not righteous, in fact going so far as to tell us our goodness is actually vile to the Lord God? So that we come to understand the real need for a Saviour.