Romans 1:18-32 the wrath of god banner

Romans 1:18-32 Why God Will Pour His Wrath Out On Man

Why God Will Pour His Wrath Out On Man – The wrath of God is not a subject people want to talk about or hear, yet the Apostle Paul explains in Romans 1:18-32 exactly why the wrath of God will be poured out on man. We look at this subject in detail and point out some key issues, that are not always considered.

The truth about salvation

Romans 1:16-17 The Why What How Who How of Salvation

The Why What How Who How of Salvation – Looking at two of the most important verses in the Bible,Romans 1:16-17, Nathan Tarrant explains the full purpose and essence of salvation. He explains what it is we are actually being saved from, along with how man’s relationship with sin and salvation changes over time. You may be surprised at what you learn.

our relationship with God Romans 1:8-15

Romans 1:8-15 Our Relationship With God

Our Relationship With God – Looking at Romans 1:8-15 Nathan Tarrant explains the personal relationship we have with God if we are in Christ Jesus. He also looks at how we can improve our relationship with God, through the example of the Apostle Paul, and show how we can truly call god, ‘my God’.

what Christ did Romans 1:5-7

Romans 1:5-7 What Christ Did

What Christ Did – We look at Romans 1:5-7 and explain exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ did when he came to earth, died and was resurrected. He bought us out of sin with His blood for a specific reason and in doing so our relationship with God changed dramatically.

Romans 1:3-4 who Christ is

Romans 1:3-4 Who Christ Is

Who Christ Is – Was Jesus just a man? Was he a man that became deity? With much confusion over who Christ is exactly, Nathan Tarrant looks at Romans 1:3-4 and goes through what the Apostel Paul says about who Jesus Christ really is. It is important for us to understand exactly who Christ is because failure to do so can impact our salvation.

ROmans 1:1 the gospel of God

Romans 1:2-4 The Gospel of God

The Gospel of God – In Romans 1:2-4 the Apostle Paul says that he was set apart for the gospel of God. What is the gospel of God and how are we to respond to it if we are set apart for it too? Nathan Tarrant clearly lays out what it is and how we are to exactly respond to it.

Romans 1:1 Enslaved to Christ

Romans 1:1 Enslaved To Christ

Enslaved To Christ – In the first sermon in the series Called ‘Truth’, Nathan Tarrant preaches from Romans 1:1 and explains what it means to be enslaved to Christ and why it is so important that if we are true Christians, we ensure that we are a slave to the Lord.

Romans 1 Truth – Series introduction to Romans

Truth – Series introduction to Romans – In this series introduction to the letter to the Romans, Nathan Tarrant explains the importance of preaching the truth that is difficult for many, that of election. He also explains why it must be taught, the importance of accepting it and our response to it.