Practical Aspects Of Faith

Practical Aspects Of Faith – In this sermon from the series, Lessons From The Wilderness, Alan Clark explains the importance of actually living in faith through obedience to God and His word, by showing us an example concerning how we are to interact with unsaved family, and an example of the consequences of disobedience to God’s commands.


Exodus 16 – Manna Is Not The Bread Of Life

Manna Is Not The Bread Of Life – Looking at Exodus 16, Alan Clark shows us that God blessed the whole nation of Israel with manna, because of His grace, yet many of them were not saved. We need to understand that just because God blesses a person with the physical things, it does not mean they have spiritual blessings. Jesus Christ, the bread of life, is what we really need. Is that what you are asking for, or is the physical more important to you?


Deuteronomy 11 banner

Drive Out The Canaanites From The Land

Drive Out The Canaanites From The Land – Continuing his series of lesson from the wilderness, Alan Clark looks at Deuteronomy 11 and the command of God to the Israelite’s to drive out the Canaanites from the land, and explains how we as Christians must look to do the same in our lives.


lessons from the wilderness - Numbers 22 - Balaam

In His Mercy God Holds His People

In His Mercy God Holds His People: In this sermon from the series of Lessons From The Wilderness, Alan Clark Looks at the example of Balak’s summons to Balaam in Numbers 22, and explains how God shows mercy to His people.

Deuteronomy 1 The Spies Report Banner

Deuteronomy 1:21-40 The Spies Report

The Spies Report – Trust or Consequence : Looking at Deuteronomy 1:21-40, Alan Clark explains the value for us today in this lesson from the wilderness, that of taking responsibility for the lives we live as Christians and the consequences of our disobedience and lack of trust towards God. If we today do not trust and obey Him, then we will face consequences, even if we are saved, and there is no obligation for God to reverse those consequences, even if we repent.


The Wilderness Pilgrimage

The Wilderness Pilgrimage – Alan Clark looks Ephesians 2:1-10 and explains how we need to seriously consider our time, count our days, to ensure we are serving the Lord in the manner in which we should.

Do Not Return To Egypt

Do Not Return To Egypt – On This Reformation Sunday, as we approach the 500th Anniversary, Alan Clark explains the dangers of returning to the old ways, going back to the way things were, returning to your Egypt.

Exodus 17 banner

Moses On The Hilltop

Moses On The Hilltop – Looking at the events that occurred in Exodus 17:8-16 of the battle against Amalek, Alan Clark explains the lessons that we can take from this event and apply them to our involvement within the body of Christ.

Numbers 21 The Bronze Serpent

The Bronze Serpent

The Bronze Serpent – Looking at lessons from the wilderness, Alan Clark takes a look at the incident of the Bronze Serpent and explains the lessons we can learn from this important event in the time of the nation of Israel.

Korah's Rebellion Number 16:1-35

Korah’s Rebellion

Korah’s Rebellion. there are a number of valuable lessons that we can learn from the time Israel spent in the wilderness. In this sermon we look at Korah’s rebellion in Number 16:1-35 and explain what we can learn from it as Christians today.