James 5v13-19 The Need For Prayer

In this the final message on the book of James, Pastor Dave Webster discusses the important need for prayer, and why it is so important.

James 5v1-12 Be Careful of Your Needs

In this weeks sermon, Dave Webster looks at James 5 and discusses the importance to be careful of your needs. There are certain things James tells us to be needy of and also what we should not be needy of.

James 4v13-17 Gods will not ours

In this sermon Dave Webster concludes chapter 4 of James by discussing how its not wrong to plan, but by Gods will let it be, not ours.

James 4v1-12 Be careful of pride

In this sermon, Dave Webster begins chapter 4 of James and looks at the first 12 verses and the subject of pride.

James 3v13-18 Heavenly Wisdom v Demonic Wisdom

In this sermon Dave Webster looks at James 3:13-18 and the importance of having heavenly wisdom in all we do.

James 3v1-12 Beware of the tongue

This week Dave Webster looks at James 3:1-12 where James warns us to beware of the power of the tongue, to guard our tongue from the damage and harm it can do.

James 2v14-26 Faith without works is dead

In the sermon, the fifth in the  series from the book of James, Dave Webster looks at James 2:14-26 and the subject matter of how faith without works is dead.

James 2v1-13 Beware of Partiality

This week in our series on James Dave Webster began Chapter two and addressed the subject of partiality, warning us to be careful of showing any to others.

James 1v19-27 Swift to listen and Slow to speak

In this weeks message, Dave Webster looks at the importance of being swift to listen and slow to speak.  He also explains the importance of not just being hearers of the word, but also doers of it also.

James 1v13-16 Trials Within

A large percentage of our sin comes from the trials we face within. Dave Webster looks at this in James 1:13-16 and how we can deal with these trials we face within.