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Romans 11:23-32 The Salvation of Israel

The Salvation of Israel – In Romans 11:23-32 the Apostle Paul outlines the salvation of Israel, showing that the Church has never replaced Israel and never will. Nathan Tarrant explains from these verses when their salvation will occur, how it will happen, and who ‘All Israel’ means.  

Romans 11:22 Note Gods Kindness Through His Love

Note Gods Kindness Through His Love – In our continuing look at what it means to note God’s kindness, Nathan Tarrant explains the true biblical meaning of God’s love, and how it is not only vastly different to man’s definition of love, but through understanding it correctly, we can then do as commanded and show the […]

Romans 11:18-21 The Importance Of Not Being Proud

The Importance Of Not Being Proud – Looking at Romans 11:18-21, Nathan Tarrant explains why it is vitally important that as Christians we are not proud in anyway,  ensuring we are not boastful of our walk, not comparing ourselves to the other branches in the olive tree, but rather humble with fear, looking to bear the […]

Romans 11:16-17 What It Means To Be Grafted In

What It Means To Be Grafted In – Looking at Romans 11:16-17, where the Apostle Paul begins to talk about the breaking off of branches from the olive tree and the gentiles being grafted in as a wild olive shoot, Nathan Tarrant explains who the root of the tree is and what the olive tree represents, […]

Practical Aspects Of Faith

Practical Aspects Of Faith – In this sermon from the series, Lessons From The Wilderness, Alan Clark explains the importance of actually living in faith through obedience to God and His word, by showing us an example concerning how we are to interact with unsaved family, and an example of the consequences of disobedience to God’s […]

Romans 11:11-15 The Uniting Of The Remnant

The Uniting Of The Remnant – In Romans 11:11-15 the Apostle Paul confirms that the Jews have not fallen and therefore completely lost salvation, but that they have simply stumbled to allow the salvation of the gentiles to come into place. Nathan Tarrant explains how the LORD God had an eternal plan of uniting the Jews […]

Romans 11:6-10 Why There Is Only A Remnant

Why There Is Only A Remnant – At the start of Romans 11, the Apostle Paul explains that only a remnant of Israel remains within the family of God. This raises the question as to why there is only a remnant? Nathan Tarrant shows us in Romans 11:6-10 Paul’s explanation as to why there is […]