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Romans 12:2 The Renewing Of Your Mind

The Renewing Of Your Mind – The Apostle Paul tells us that as part of our sanctification we are to be transformed by the renewing, or restoring, of our mind. Nathan Tarrant outlines for us exactly what Paul means by the fact we are to restore our minds, and to what point we are to restore […]

Romans 12:2 The Importance of Sanctification

The Importance of Sanctification – Continuing our look at Romans 12:2, Nathan Tarrant explains the importance of sanctification and how it is one of the 3 things that must be evidenced within a person for them to be saved. While we are saved by faith alone, sanctification is the evidence of that saving faith. As JC […]

Gospel Message Mark 10:46-52

Gospel Message Mark 10:46-52 – In this message from Mark 10, Nathan Tarrant looks at the example of the blind man who called out to the son of David all the more, for mercy, and asks us, are we aware that the Messiah stands before us and are we prepared to call out to him […]

Romans 12:1 Taking Responsibility For Our Actions

Taking Responsibility For Our Actions – Continuing our look at Romans 12:1, Nathan Tarrant explains what the Apostle Paul means when he says we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. Under Christ we have freedom and choice, and therefore, we have to consider whether we are presenting our bodies as a living […]

Romans 12:1 – Your Response To God’s Mercies

Your Response To God’s Mercies – As we start the next section of Paul’s letter to the Romans starting in Romans 12:1, Nathan Tarrant asks us, what is our response to the mercies of God shown to us if saved? Have we seriously considered all that God the Father has done for us through His […]

Questions Concerning The Trinity

Questions Concerning The Trinity – In this sermon, Nathan Tarrant guides us through the subject of the Trinity, and explains how there is only one God, yet at the same time the three persons of the Trinity play different roles in creation and the redemption of man.