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Romans 12:12 Be Constant In Prayer

Be Constant In Prayer –  In Romans 12:12 the Apostle Paul tells us to be constant in prayer. Nathan Tarrant explains why this is important for our relationship with God the Father, Jesus Chris the son, and the Holy Spirit, and how it relates to our life as a Christian.  

Romans 12:12 Be Patient In Tribulation

Be Patient In Tribulation – In Romans 12:12 Paul continues to tell us what the traits of a true Christian are. Nathan Tarrant looks at the next on the list, that of being patient in tribulation, and he explains not only why it is important to be patient, but also why it is sinful to […]

Christ Calms The Storm – Mark 4:35-41

Christ Calms The Storm – In Mark 4:35-41 we have the event of Christ calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Nathan Tarrant takes an in-depth look at this event and explains the significance of the storm and the disciples reaction to it, and explains how it relates to the man’s response to the holiness […]

Romans 12:12 Rejoice In Hope

Rejoice In Hope – Every day we hope for things to be better in and around our lives; from hoping the weather improves, to hoping a meeting goes well, or hoping someone will enjoy a gift we buy them. Paul tells us in Romans 12:12 to rejoice in hope, so is he telling us to rejoice […]

Romans 12:11 Be Diligent In Your Walk

Be Diligent In Your Walk – In Romans 12:11 the Apostle Paul begins to tell us the attributes of a true Christian. The first being that they are diligent in their walk, by not being slothful in their zeal. Nathan Tarrant explains what this means for us, and what we are to do exactly to be […]