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Romans 12:9 Where Our Love Must Start

Where Our Love Must Start – As Christians we are commanded to love others, and we love because God first loved us. However, there is one aspect of this truth that gets either over looked, or ignored. All our love and goodwill to others is absolutely worthless if we do not start in the right place. […]

Romans 12:9 How To Let Love Be Genuine

How To Let Love Be Genuine – In Romans 12:9 Paul tells us to let love be genuine. Nathan Tarrant explains exactly what this love is and then shows us from scripture how we are to let our love be genuine, through the only example we need, the Lord Jesus Christ.  

1 Peter 1 – Our Hope in The Resurrection

Our Hope in The Resurrection – This Resurrection Sunday, Nathan Tarrant leads us through 1 Peter 1:3-5 and explains how, without the resurrection there can be no salvation. It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that confirms for us not only that those who believe will be justified, but that we have a hope here today […]

Gospel Sermon Luke 18

In This Gospel message, Alan Clark shows us the example of the rich young ruler, who thought he had done everything needed to gain salvation, yet Jesus Christ showed him the truth.