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It is our aim to spread the truth about Jesus Christ. To help people understand what the bible really says about God, Who Jesus is and what his message really was. If you are in the area why not join us this Sunday, we would love to see you!

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We meet every Sunday from 10.am at Palmarsh Hall, Dymchurch Road, Hythe. Come and spend time with us as we give you a warm welcome and learn together how the bible is still relevant for today. For information click here

Latest Sermon Series

Christians talk about the importance of salvation, but what is it exactly? Why does man even need to be saved? And if we need to be saved how does it come about, through what way are we saved? In our latest series, we unpack what has been described by many as the greatest letter ever written, The Apostle Pauls letter to the Romans, and look at the truth of salvation.

Latest Sermons & Teachings

Romans 13:8-10

Romans 13 v 8-10 Fulfil The Law Through Love

Fulfil The Law Through Love - In Romans 13:8-10 the Apostle Paul…
Romans 13v3-7

Romans 13 v 3-7 Why We Must Be Subject To Governing Authorities

Why We Must Be Subject To Governing Authorities - Following on…
doctrines of grace - total depravity
Romans 13v 1-2

Romans 13 v 1-2 Be Subject To All Authority

Be Subject To All Authority - At the start of Romans 13:1-2…
doctrines of grace - total depravity

The Doctrines of Grace - Total Depravity

In this first First teaching on the doctrines of grace, Nathan…

Below are links to our current bible teaching and sermon series. Underneath them you will find links to all of our previous teaching and sermons series, with recordings of each message readily available for you to listen online or download to listen at your convenience.

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Letters to the 7 Churches of Revelation
true gospel series
The incarnation of Christ
1 John Series
Philippians series
what we believe as a church

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why we are reformed baptists
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