Welcome To Living Hope Bible Church in Hythe Kent

At Living Hope we take our name from the first letter written by the Apostle Peter. (1Peter 1:3)

The letter was written to those who were at the time struggling or going through a period of suffering. Peter wanted to assure them, to guide them to hold steadfast, to understand that there was hope. However he did not want to give hope that was false, temporary, or unsustainable, but one that lived on, that regenerated, and not fade away.

That living hope comes through the resurrection of Jesus Christ; through Christ we can obtain a new life, a better life, a life in heaven.

The Apostle Peter’s letter is as relevant today as it was when it was first written, all those years ago. We all struggle at times and we all go through different levels and forms of suffering too. At Living Hope we are here to serve you, along with help you get a true and firm understanding of the Bible and the word of Jesus Christ so that you can see the living hope that is in our Lord.

Our Aim As A Kent Church

As a Church plant based in Hythe we naturally want to serve the local community and the surrounding area with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to that we want to reach out to the Kent area as a whole, spreading the Gospel as far and wide as possible.

You will find a mix of materials to help you come to understand the Gospel, the word of God and the lessons of Christ more fully, here on our site. Whether you want to listen to any of our sermons, download any of the booklets we have from renowned theologians or use our bible study guides, then please feel free to help yourself.

Even if you are not a member of Living Hope, you may be interested to attend one of the various group meeting that we have each month. Every Wednesday we have a bible study group that meet in Greatstone, on the second Saturday of the month we have an ‘End Times’ bible study group, where we go through what the Bible says about the end time and the return of Jesus Christ, and we have a Womans group that meet on the last Saturday of the month. And of course we have worship every Sunday. So if you are in the Kent area, we would love to see at Church service one Sunday.

Current Sermon Series

current sermon series - True Christian - Kent ChurchIn This series, we look at the Lord Christ’s first sermon, sermon on the mount, and see in detail what it means to be a True Christian.

To claim to be a Christian is one thing, to act and behave as one is another thing completely. Christ’s sermon was to get us to understand the importance of being righteous, of denying self and of being completely at one with God.

Christ begins his sermon by outlining the beatitudes, the nature of a true Christian, a nature that can only come from the Holy Spirit. If we claim to be Christian can we back it up with this nature?

You can listen to this series on being a True Christian by following this Link 


Previous Sermon Series


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 Studies You May Be Interested in

Below are links to various different studies we have done, either as part of a sermon series or bible study. Simply click on the image to be take to get full access to the material.

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